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November 2022 Protected for 2300 years from the mud and boiling water of the sacred tanks, a never-before-seen votive deposit has re-emerged from the excavations of San Casciano dei Bagni, in Tuscany, with over 24 bronze statues, five of which almost a meter, all intact and in perfect condition. “A discovery that will rewrite history […]

22 August 2019

Local recipes

In our area you can find tasty traditional dishes coming from the rural  culture based on the use of simple and genuine ingredients. So, we would like to suggest some easy recipes and you will see that the result will be really good! “PANZANELLA” This summer dish is humble and noble using ‘poor’ but healthy […]

19 August 2019

Hot Springs

It is a complex of 43 distinct springs in three groups. The first arises immediately beneath the town, in a very limited space of about 200 meters which includes the Bagno Bossolo, the source of Saint Lucia (particularly suitable for some eye diseases), the three springs of Monte Santo- the Sassone , the Caldagna, the […]